Lily Wong


Lily is an entrepreneur who started her business early in various service sectors, in addition to being a cryptocurrency investor.

She has many years of experience in the technology business and financial management. She participates in various blockchain projects and has experience in managing and operating projects, she is always involved in innovative and creative blockchain projects.

Jame Martin


He is a senior blockchain programmer, he has many years of experience in the programming industry, involved in managing many projects. In addition, he is also a cryptocurrency investor.

He is always interested in new creations and working on groundbreaking projects.

Draken Saito


Draken Saito has 3 years of experience in marketing and managing various crypto communities. His track record has always been outstanding in terms of marketing KPIs. He is also a blockchain programmer, fluent in rust and solidity, and has collaborated in development with many blockchain and metaverse projects.

Earl D Long


Earl D Long has been working as a cryptocurrency Business Development Manager for 4 years and successfully completed many projects DeFi, SocialFi, Gamefi. He has acquired such special skills in GameFi. Earl D Long has a passion for coaching and development. He enjoys helping people increase their success, and do that with careful analysis and effective direction that will improve process, skill, and knowledge.

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