Shopping & Real time entertainment

Sportsverse is a place where you can buy shoes, get a haircut, go to a clothing store, sportswear, or hit the gym... play your favorite games. You have many options when it comes to buying something, it can be NFT or real that you can receive at home or both real and NFT in Sportsverse.

In addition, you can buy and wear fan merchandise for your favorite club, socialize, celebrate with other fans, and watch games and events in real-time. Of course, there are no longer geographical and physical barriers. At Sportsverse, any fan from France can watch the NBA in the Sportsverse stadium. Users can also go to entertainment centers to watch real-time sports matches together or create a private space to watch with friends and family.

Through multi-view camera technology, spectators can even enter the field and walk alongside the players, join in the football cheer and watch the match from different vantage points. Last but not least, Sportsverse allows people to sit in the same room as their friends, even if they are thousands of kilometers away.

In the Sportsverse, fans will not only be at sporting events but right in the middle of them - and still feel at home in the comfort of their own home on the couch or computer chair.

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