Open world - Open source metaverse

Sportsverse is the world's first open source sports metaverse that allows users, and Devs to engage with the open world. We allow not only developers but also users to build on our platform, everyone can create unlimited their own metaverse, opening up their unique own worlds.

In Open World users can Build, Mint NFT, Own, Play, Earn, Trade, and do many interesting things without limit. Open World will always grow and innovate with more interesting things every day.

Users can build spaces, houses, tools, games, create unique things...etc then can turn them into NFT. Own unique collections, have fun with friends, or list on the marketplace and trade with others, you can do anything in Open World and earn money easily.

If you are Devs, you can do even more things, can build utilities, make services in Sportsverse, also build a whole project inside the ecosystem and provide unique things for users to earn huge profits.

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